What we do


What we do

The peña txuri club

The peña txuri club was founded in the year 1989 to offer all residents of Sopela the opportunity to get to know and learn all the secrets of this sport.

The main objective of our founders was to instill in the newer generations all of the necessary values to upkeep and take care of this sport, its environment and culture which we love so much; also ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy what for them was an honour and a privilege.

What started as a small family of friends, in the present is a big family that keeps on fighting for the same causes and will continue to grow to share what was taught to us!

Social work


Free courses for education centers of Sopela

Solidary Sahara

Adapted surfing sessions

Beach and hills clean ups

Sopela Kosta Fest colaboration

Trips to championships

End of the year excursions



First international adapted surf championship Euskadi

Local championship

European Sopela Pro Junior Championship

Peña txuri open and Harrobi


Social work

Free courses for education centers of sopela

 We organize free yearly surf courses in partnership with “Ayuntamiento de Sopela” for approximately 520 children and young local students.



Each year we organize a solidary trip to the Sahara to donate surf material, clothes and other necessities. We also collaborate with ATFAL Getxo to organize free courses to Sharian children who visit foster families every summer.


We organize 2 yearly beach and hill clean ups.

First aid and water rescue

Free course made for young surfers.



For over 10 years we have organized one of the european junior surf competitions on the Sopela beach.

Local Championship

During the 32 years of existence of the club we have organized a yearly championship for all the members of the club.

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